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Hey Everyone,
I just wanted to make this a little bit more personal and let you get to know the Developers behind SCSCreations.  We are a husband and wife team and we are glad to have such amazing customers.  You are all awesome!

This is right after we found out we won our dream wedding.  We were so blessed to have had that opportunity.

Our Engagement Photo
Right after we got married...during the reception (dancing our hearts out)!
This is a picture we took today (6-26-12) on my 30th (though I am trying to put the breaks on aging...LOL!) birthday while at the beach.

My name is Stephanie and my husband is Mike. We hope to get to meet you all.  Many of you have formed a close bond with us and we are always happy to include you as part of our awesome group of friends.  You all ROCK! BTW, we also have a Twitter account: @SCSCreations

(Mike & Stephanie)


  1. Hello I love your work! I was curious about your hotpink hearts go sms theme, I was wondering where you got the cute background for it. I love it! Thanks keep on making awesome themes!


Thank you for your comment! :)