SCSCreations Welcomes...


As many of you know, Hello Kitty is a popular character.  Many Disney characters are popular as well.  We decided to invent our own TRADEMARKED character.  We love animals!  We know many of you are also a fan of animals.  We have a cat that is super spoiled.  Her name is Zoe and she was my help behind the idea for this character.

We call our first character:  MISS PRISS

Here she is ... she comes with many outfits, bows, flowers, and other items.  She will be the starting set to our group of cool/cute characters.  We hope you will help get the word out about her.  In addition, she will be in upcoming and new themes as well that will be available for download on Google Play shortly.

Here is a sneak peak at what she looks like:
FYI - The SCSCreations over her is just for copyright's a watermark - she does not normally have that over her.


  1. really cute!I'm a huge catlover!Maybe you can make a Go Launcher Theme with her?

  2. really cute!I'm a huge catlover!Look forward to see a Go launcher theme with her! :-)


Thank you for your comment! :)